The Club of investors, the Club of profitable deals, the Club of unique technologies."

Advantages of working in our team

Appreciation and responsibility

Our associates are our principal asset. We understand that every minute spent at work is a minute away from home and family. We always try to show them how thankful we are and much we appreciate their qualities. We believe in the importance of motivation and, what matters most, equal opportunities. We strive to help the society which also helps that much all of us. Having humane qualities at heart, we bear the responsibility for support of any attempts to protect the environment, improve education, healthcare and society in general.


Our success principles

  1. Values. Serving others is the most critical business motivation. We in Fix Club do understand this, which is precisely why we offer our clients the best terms of cooperation.
  2. Strategy. The performance quality and strategy fulfilment give us a significant advantage over our competitors. The strategy is entirely transparent, although few can repeat our success.
  3. Demanding. First of all, we are demanding to ourselves. We aim to make excellency our central business principle, which is why we do not limit ourselves to just giving the clients what they want, we present them much more.
  4. Team. Fix Club is a modern financial and investment company which core is a team of professionals developing unique software and solutions for successful business.
  5. Innovations. We pay much attention to the implementation of large-scale innovations which allow us to conquer the market more effectively.
  6. Technologies. We create algorithms which combine analysis and big market data interpretation, thus, giving us new forecast models unavailable earlier.

The story of creation of Fix Club Ltd.

The story of the Fix Club team began in 2013 when a group of financial innovators and new-technologies specialists came up with the idea of creating a unique business development strategy for the global economy and cryptocurrencies. Back then, graduates of leading US and European universities saw the potential for developing cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. During the following five years, the team researched and explored new technologies to create a unique profit-making strategy for cryptocurrency trading. In the meantime, we had great success co-developing and setting up software on the most significant mining farms in Asia and North America. Day after day, year after year, we gained priceless experience of how we could make a profit trading cryptocurrencies directly on the market. We did a colossal amount of work researching the market, creating more than a 1000 unique trading strategies, some of which started generating income on a daily basis. Consequently, we began receiving offers to join the existing teams of leading global corporations. However, this went against our primary idea and mission of creating a global income-generating system. We decided to establish an independent platform connecting and securing continuous income for blockchain technologies, mining, and cryptocurrency trading. This was the first step towards the creation of our open club – Fix Club. In 2018, we received the documents needed to incorporate our company – Fix Club Ltd. This is a new prospectus company, whose ambitions and goals are clear and unshakable. Fix Club is a company which will take a leading role in the global economy.


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